Impact Universal & Custom Fit Mud Flaps

Impact Mud Flaps are made in our manufacturing centre in Saskatoon. They contain 80% recycled material and are produced in Canada for extreme climates. Impact Mud Flaps were tested for the heat of the summer (up to 45°C) and the cold of winter (-50°C). They can be installed on their own or mounted on brackets to form a kickback. Impact Mud Flaps contain at least 75% rubber making them flexible, durable, yet stylish.


  • Made in Canada to withstand unforgiving environments.
  • Fits most trucks.
  • Made with recycled material to reduce waste.
  • Durable and stylish.
  • Protect your vehicle and the loads you haul.
  • 12 inches wide
  • Easy to install and designed to fit your vehicle.

  • Available with optional stainless steel insert.